VENTURE: P-I-L-O-T has arrived!!!

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Well well… It’s been waaaaaayyy too long since we’ve put something out.
So for all of you who’ve been waiting for another mini-episode: Too bad!!! Cuz we‘ve got the full 13-minute pilot on this post! It’s been a year and it’s time to show it off to Yas.

This vid was created to show the potential of what could be done to support all the companies in Thailand, working hard at offering tourists out there top-notch adventure.
Sponsors: 100 Euros is what this cost us to put this together. Imagine if you threw some cash our way!
Anywho, sit back and enjoy. VENTURE: would like to say THANK YOU to all our followers, helpers, slaves and friends who made all this possible.

- Anan Tom and Kev

A Short Film Starring Anan

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This short film was directed and produced by our close friend James Tang. It features Anan as the main character which showcases his stunt abilities that translates well from parkour.

Pandora’s Legacy from James Tang on Vimeo.

Give it a view. And the cool thing is, James made it to showcase his skills and enter an international competition which got him 2nd place!

In other news, stay tuned for our pilot episode! We’re finally going to release it to the public to see.

Island Muay Thai on Koh Tao

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What’s up everyone? Tom here.
I’ve decided to take off and take a month long trip down south to Koh Tao. The island is world renown for it’s diving schools and beautiful beaches. But I came here to solely do muay thai for a month and get away from the rest of the world. It’s been just over a week already that I’m here and it’s been pretty intense this whole time. I’ve only done muay thai when I’m on holidays so to be totally immersed in it this time is really fun.

Photo Oct 08 2 37 19 PM Island Muay Thai on Koh Tao

The boys in the plank position

Stay tuned for more pics and vids as another week goes by. You can check a more thorough review on Talk Muay Thai soon

Team Farang

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The team fully assembled on the Helipad on top of my building

In July of 2010, over a dozen Parkour/Freerunning enthusiasts traveled to Thailand for what has become an annual event. You would think that all the civil unrest concerning Thailand merely a month before would deter them from coming, but not this group of adventurers. This band of merry travelers included practitioners from England, Australia, France, and Germany, all of whom thought it appropriate to set up camp in my modest 2 bed room apartment. This was cause for considerable discomfort on my behalf, but was a small price to pay in exchange for the experiences we shared.
Over 4 weeks they traveled to almost every corner of the country, from top to toe. From Chiang Mai, to Ton Sai, even venturing into Cambodia. They moved through cities, temples, beaches, and forests, taking in all the sights and taking every new location as an opportunity to train and share their passion for movement.
This group, with a moderate grasp of the native tongue, quickly dubbed themselves TEAM FARANG, but i much prefer to refer to them as my Farang-tourage.

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Children of the Forest

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Slightly off-topic, but it a necessary follow-up from my rickity bridge post a few weeks back. The documentary that Kevin (director, editor, man-behind-the-camera for Venture Show among other things) and I went to film in Sangkhlaburi is fully online now. Please do take a moment of your time to view it.
We want to make sure that people are watching it and understand what is going on around Thailand’s borders at the moment. I am really glad I got to go on the trip to meet these wonderful children as well as shake hands with the men that started it all. It truly is moving and things are getting better and brighter for the Children of the Forest.

Children Of The Forest from Rubber Knife Productions

Make sure you visit the Children of the Forest website if you would like to know more. Donations in any form is welcomed. They use everything you hand to them and are extremely grateful.