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Children of the Forest

// August 22nd, 2010 // 3 Comments » // Uncategorized

Slightly off-topic, but it a necessary follow-up from my rickity bridge post a few weeks back. The documentary that Kevin (director, editor, man-behind-the-camera for Venture Show among other things) and I went to film in Sangkhlaburi is fully online now. Please do take a moment of your time to view it.
We want to make sure that people are watching it and understand what is going on around Thailand’s borders at the moment. I am really glad I got to go on the trip to meet these wonderful children as well as shake hands with the men that started it all. It truly is moving and things are getting better and brighter for the Children of the Forest.

Children Of The Forest from Rubber Knife Productions

Make sure you visit the Children of the Forest website if you would like to know more. Donations in any form is welcomed. They use everything you hand to them and are extremely grateful.